Level-5 working on Switch game(s)
posted on 05.23.17 at 02:06 AM EST by (@salromano)
Akihiro Hino shares his thoughts on the platform.


Level-5 is working on game(s)* for Nintendo’s March-released Switch hardware, company president and CEO Akihiro Hino said in a Nikkei Trendy interview published today.

Here’s the excerpt:

Nintendo Switch, which you can play as both a stationary system and as a portable game machine, was released in March.

Hino: “I think Switch is good. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is extremely fun. It’s almost dangerous. (Laughs.) Actually, playing with Switch myself, my impression [of the system] has changed a lot from when it was still in development. I was hesitant about its ‘play both inside and outside’ style, but I feel like there is a considerable potential there.

“Anyway, Zelda is a lot of fun, so I personally carry it around and play it as much as I can, even on airplanes. The model that Nintendo gave me is the one with the red- and blue-colored controllers, so when I carried it around a lot, the looks I got made me self-conscious. I bought the black controller that they released myself and attached it. (Laughs.)

“I think the Style of Switch is a wonderful fit for competitive games. You can play if you’re gathered in real life, as well as online. For example, I think the fact that the game lovers within a company can get together and play Mario Kart is really fascinating and interesting. And while I can’t say the content quite yet, we’re working on game(s)* that support [Switch].”

It’s worth noting that Level-5 is currently developing a new Inazuma Eleven game, titled Inazuma Eleven: Ares, which will appear on 3DS as well as “higher quality game machine(s)” yet to be announced.

*Japanese can be vague. Hino may be talking about a single game, or he may be talking about multiple games.

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