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Culdcept Revolt details systems
posted on 05.10.17 at 02:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Learn about the game's various mechanics and rules.

NIS America has updated the official website for Culdcept Revolt with details on the 3DS collectible card game’s systems.

Get the information below.

■ Magic vs. Total Magic


Your Current Magic is the currency you use in a match to play cards, upgrade territories, and pay tolls to other Cepters. It’s also known as G.”

Total Magic

The combined total of your Current Magic, the value of your territories, and the value of your Element Gems is known as Total Magic.

■ How to Increase Total Magic

To win a match, you must raise your Total Magic to meet the Magic Goal.

Increase Territories

Culdcept Revolt

You can deploy a creature on a vacant land to make it your territory. As you gain more territories, your Total Magic will increase by each territory’s land value.

Raise Land Value

Culdcept Revolt

If you use the “Land Level Up” Territory Command to increase the level of your territory, both its land value and your Total Magic will increase.

Taking Toll Fees

Culdcept Revolt

When an enemy Cepter stops on your territory, you can take their magic as a toll fee.

Purchasing Element Gems

Culdcept Revolt

When you purchase an Element Gem, the value of that Gem is added to your Total Magic. If you increase the value of the Element Gem, your Total Magic will increase as well.

Round Magic

Culdcept Revolt

You will gain a small amount of magic at the beginning of every turn.

Gain Gate Bonuses and Lap Bonuses

Culdcept Revolt

You can gain bonuses by passing through gates you have not passed through yet, and by passing through every gate to complete a lap.

■ Match Rules

Land Chain

Culdcept Revolt

If you own two or more territories with the same element, they will make a chain. By making a chain, the land value and toll fee will increase for all your territories of that element.

Land Effect

Culdcept Revolt

When a creature’s element is the same as the land it’s deployed to, the creature receives (land level x10) bonus HP during battle, making it more difficult for your opponents to destroy it.

Insufficient Magic

Culdcept Revolt

If a toll fee or spell effect causes your Current Magic to go below 0, you must sell territories or Element Gems until you have at least 0 G.

Magic Depletion (Bankruptcy)

Culdcept Revolt

When the value of all your territories and Element Gems is still not enough to raise your Current Magic to 0, it is known as Magic Depletion.

All of your territories and Element Gems will be taken away, and you will start over with (Lap Bonus x1.5) Magic.

■ Territory Commands

Territory Commands are now easier to use!

Culdcept Revolt

Use Territory Commands to upgrade your territories and give orders to your creatures. In past games, these commands could only be used on territories you had passed that turn. However, now you can use Territory Commands on any of your creatures on the map (as long as they are’t Fatigued*).

■ Secret Arts

A special ability that certain creatures can use!

Culdcept Revolt

Once a creature with a Secret Art has been placed on the map, you will be able to have it use its Secret Art during the Spell Phase (as long as it isn’t Fatigued*).

Secret Arts are unique abilities that can turn the tide of the match.

About Fatigued: Creatures are put in a Fatigued state when they are placed on the map, or after using Territory Commands or Secret Arts. While a creature is Fatigued, it cannot use Territory Commands or Secret Arts. Every time you complete a lap, all of your creatures will recover from their Fatigued state.

■ Other Systems

  • Two Dice – With two dice, you will be able to move up to 12 spaces on the map.
  • New Abilities – New keyword abilities have been added to a number of creatures.
  • End of Turn Discarding – Starting this game, you don’t have to discard excess cards from your hand until the end of the turn, giving you even more strategic options.

■ Lands and Special Lands

There are various lands that can appear on a map. Make good use of their effects to enhance your strategies.

  • Four Basic Lands: Air, Earth, Fire, and Water – The four basic lands. Place creatures on these lands to claim them as your territory. Creatures with the same element as the land they’re on will get bonus HP in battle.
  • Bridge – When a Cepter passes or stops here, they will be transported to another bridge elsewhere on the map and continue their movement.
  • Card Shop – When a Cepter stops at this Special Land, they are shown four cards not in their book. They can pay 20 G to add one of the cards to their hand.
  • Fortune Teller – When a Cepter stops at this special land, they can choose to draw a Creature, Item, or Spell card from their book.
  • Gate – Every time a Cepter passes all the Gates on a map, they get some G. If a Cepter passes every Gate or stops directly on one, their creatures recover from Fatigued.
  • Gem Store – When a Cepter passes or stops here, they can choose to buy or sell Element Gems… or even steal them from other Cepters.
  • Magic Trap – When a Cepter passes this Special Land, if their dice roll was six or greater, some of their magic will be stolen, but if their dice roll was three or less, they will gain all the magic stolen by the trap.
  • Morph Land – This land automatically and permanently changes its element to match the element of the first creature placed on it.
  • Multi-Element Land – A multi-element land. Place a creature on it to claim it as your territory. Any non-neutral creature placed here gets bonus HP in battle.
  • Path Switch – When a Cepter passes this Special Land, they are forced to go the direction the arrows indicate. However, if a Cepter lands directly on it, they can change which direction it points.
  • Seige Tower – When a Cepter stops here, they can choose to summon a creature to any land on the map. With this, it’s even possible to invade enemy territories remotely.
  • Spell Circle – When a Cepter stops here, they will be shown two Spell Cards not in their book and can choose one to instantly use for no magic cost.
  • Warp – When a Cepter stops on this Special Land, they will be transported to a specific spot elsewhere on the map.

■ Podiums

These aren’t lands you can stop at, but they’re helpful objects that float outside the map.

  • Gem Podium – Placing your cursor over it will allow you to check the current value of each type of Element Gem and see how many each Cepter has.
  • Global Enchantment Podium – Placing your cursor over it will allow you to check the effects of any Global Enhancements currently in play.

Culdcept Revolt is due out for 3DS on August 29 in North America and September 1 in Europe.

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