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AeternoBlade II Indiegogo campaign launched
posted on 05.17.17 at 08:31 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sequel seeking $30,000 in funding.

AeternoBlade II

Corecell Technology has launched the Indiegogo campaign for AeternoBlade II. The sequel to the time-manipulation action and puzzle side-scrolling platformer is seeking $30,000 in funding for release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam.

Here’s an overview of the story, via the Indiegogo page:


After the events of AeternoBlade, Freyja has been living a peaceful life with her friends at the Ridgerode village. One day, the dimension begins to become unstable, and the existence of this reality seems to disappear. It is the cause of her actions that changed the world lines. To fix this, her journey begins once again.

On the other side of the world, two warriors, Bernard and Felix, head to Eternity Fortress according to the Chronos Kingdom’s ‘Oracle’ to stop the disaster that is foretold to occur by a strange dark hole that appeared in the sky.


Just like AeternoBlade, AeternoBlade II is an action platform game. Players will use time-manipulation abilities to solve puzzles and to survive in battle. It also features world exploration and RPG elements. Enhanced features such as time-stop, time-forwarding and other actions, will make gameplay even more intense and interesting.

Key Features

  • Three Playable CharactersAeternoBlade II has three playable characters with difference abilities and storylines. You can play as Freya, Bernard, and Felix.
  • More Types of AeternoBlades – We now have three characters with three weapons that the AeternoBlade can change into. Each one has a unique ability that will offer a new experience.
    • Aeterno Blade of Past – Freyja’s AeternoBlade is in the form of sword like before. It has decent power, range, and speed, and comes with the ability to reverse time.
      • Time Reverse: Everything except Freyja will rewind. Some green flashing objects called timeless objects, however, cannot rewind by this ability.
      • Time Warp: Place the marker at Freyja’s current position. After that, by pressing the button again, Freya will warp back to the marker. This can be used to solve puzzles and avoid attacks in battle.
    • AeternoBlade of Present – AeternoBlade of Present is in the form of Halberd. It is more powerful than the sword, but has less speed.
      • Time Stop: All objects will stop moving. Bernard can use a stacking attack on the stopped enemy, make them stand ground, and can change the direction of moving projectiles.
      • Stone Breaker: The Halberd can be used to destroy obstacles that normally cannot be destroyed. Make the way to a new path.
    • AeternoBlade of Future – AeternoBlade of future is in the form of whip blade. It has less power than the others, but has the benefit of high speed.
      • Parallel Self: Felix can use his AeternoBlade to record his actions, then come back to the present and create a parallel version of him to help attack enemies or solve puzzles.
      • Hook Chain: The whip blade can be used to hook onto high above objects to help Felix move up further up the platforms.
  • New Actions
    • Weapons – Three characters have different battle styles depend on their weapon.
      • Freyja Action (Sword)
      • Bernard Action (Halberd)
      • Felix Action (Whip Blade)
    • Parry System – You can parry the enemy with a weapon. This will give you chance to break their weapon.
    • Perfect Dodge – By using perfect dodge, you will be able to enter bullet time to storm monsters.
  • More Puzzle and World Depth – With more abilities to use, we also have more types of puzzles to be solved. The map can be traveled to further depths. This time, the map can be more complicated than before.
  • Quest System, Shop, and Upgradable Relics – Zevil and Carol now will assist you on the journey with their newly opened shop. They also provide quests and upgradable relics that will let you have more powerful relics than the previous AeternoBlade. Occasionally, Carol may ask for your help in the form of quests.

Watch the Indiegogo campaign video below.

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