Shin Yomawari announced for PS4, PS Vita [Update]
posted on 04.25.17 at 04:58 AM EDT by (@salromano)
A sequel to the PS Vita night exploration game.

Shin Yomawari

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals Shin Yomawari for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita from Nippon Ichi Software. It will launch on August 24 in Japan.

Shin Yomawari is the sequel to Yomawari, the PS Vita title that offered the play style of “exploring the night world with a flashlight in hand,” causing users to recall the “fear lurking in the night.” The sequel will offer a world more than twice the size of its predecessor.

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Update 8:40 a.m.: The game stars two protagonists, young girls named Yui and Haru. Here is an overview of the story:

In order to see the end of summer vacation fireworks in the neighboring town, Yui and Haru went out to the mountains. On the way back home, the two are accidentally separated and get lost. They roam around in search for each other, but an ominous night town has spread out before them. Will the girls be able to safely reunite?

The map of Shin Yomawari is more than twice the size of the original Yomawari. You’ll be able to explore even more locations, including the inside of western-style houses and libraries. The game itself uses a quarter-view camera, much like its predecessor, but when you enter special locations, the camera changes to a side-view. Strange ghosts will roam the night town. While some are harmless, the majority have bad intentions, and you’ll get a “Game Over” if the protagonist merely touches one.

Shin Yomawari will cost 6,980 yen on PlayStation 4 and 5,980 yen on PS Vita.

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