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Horizon: Zero Dawn ‘Behemoth’ and ‘Stormbird’ machine introduction trailers
posted on 02.10.17 at 09:24 AM EST by (@salromano)
Two more mecha-saurs introduced.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The latest two in Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games’ series of Horizon: Zero Dawn machine introduction trailers feature the Behemoth and Stormbird.

If you missed them, previous trailers introduced Snapmaw and Thunderjaw.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is due out for PlayStation 4 on February 28.

Watch the videos below.



  • Type: Transport
  • Habitat: All Terrain
  • Challenge Level: 25
  • Combat Weaponry:
    • Gravity Boulder Throw
    • Grinding Shrapnel Blast
  • Combat Melee:
    • Charge Attack
    • Quake Smash
    • Charging Quake Smash
  • Special Ability: Gravity Purge
  • Vulnerabilities:
    • Gravity Generators
    • Cryo Canisters to freeze it
  • Tactics: Shoot hinges to remove cargo container

The Behemoth is a huge, rugged transport-class machine that uses anti-gravity technology to transfer precious cargo from smaller acquisition-class machines into its stomach container. When provoked, it may charge at the enemy or use its anti-gravity unit to hurl heavy objects. It is also equipped with a set of grinding drills that allow it to grind and propel rock projectiles.



  • Type: Combat
  • Habitat: All Terrain – Open Areas
  • Challenge Level: 27
  • Combat Weaponry:
    • Shock Blast
    • Shock Burst
    • Thunder Bomb Run
    • Hurricane Blast
  • Combat Melee:
    • Break Smash
    • Thunder Rush
    • Jumping Claw SLash
    • Tail Lash
  • Vulnerabilites: Removing Engines
  • Tactics: Destroy Lightning Gun

Soaring through the sky at high altitude, the fearsome Stormbird is a combat-class machine that can swoop down and attack its prey with tremendous force. It is just as dangerous on land as it is in the air, with a variety of swift and powerful attacks that range from wing blasts to claw slashes. Its enormous metal wings are capable of collecting and discharging the electricity in the air.

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