Gravity Rush character designer reveals how protagonist Kat puts on her unique outfit
posted on 01.11.17 at 09:31 AM EST by (@salromano)
In case you ever wondered.

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush character designer Shunsuke Saito took to Twitter to show how series protagonist Kat puts on her unique outfit.

In the tweet, Saito said, “Once in a while, I’ll hear fans ask ‘What’s going on with Kat’s clothes?’ so I drew out how she wears them. The gold frame has a spring-like elasticity, and holds down and fixates the black cloth. If [Kat] moves around too intensely… it may slip off.”

Gravity Rush 2 is due out PlayStation 4 on January 18 in Europe, January 19 in Japan, and January 20 in the Americas and United Kingdom. A demo is available now worldwide.

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