Gravity Rush 2 gameplay introduces online elements
posted on 12.16.16 at 05:15 AM EST by (@salromano)
Photo reviews, treasure hunting, mining, and more.

Gravity Rush 2

The latest Gravity Rush 2 ‘Gravity-Tsu’ live stream was held today and shared new gameplay footage introducing the game’s online elements.

Here’s the overview:

  • Online events occur during gameplay. An event’s point of occurrence can be checked on the map.
  • “Photo Review” allows you to evaluate photos taken by other players. Other players may also evaluate photos taken by you. Through photo evaluation, you’ll be able to earn points called “Dusty Tokens.” (There are also other ways to acquire Dusty Tokens.) Each time you surpass a certain number of Dusty Tokens, rewards will be unlocked.
  • “Treasure Hunting” sees a considerable number of treasures hidden throughout the map. Players who find treasure can take a photograph of the area and offer it to other players as a hint. The player who receives the offer can then seek out the treasure while relying on that hint.
  • “Challenge Missions” allow you to compete with other players (their ghosts) around the world. You can also send challenge invitations.
  • In the “Mines,” the number of enemies and amount of minerals that appear change depending on the amount of players participating. By destroying minerals, the numbers rise and formidable foes will appear. These powerful enemies drop “Talismans” that Kat can equip. Talismans make up a variety of equipment that grant Kat various effects. They are similar to Bloodborne‘s Blood Gems.
  • In the Mines, there are not only gems—“ores” can also be mined. By taking back with you and breaking them, Talismans will come out from inside. It’s like gacha.
  • You’ll sometimes discover “things left behind” in the Mines. These are of other players who have fallen in the Mines. If you die in the Mines, you’ll drop half of the ores and such that you’re carrying, and the player who finds your them will be able to take them.

Gravity Rush 2 is due out PlayStation 4 on January 18 in Europe, January 19 in Japan, and January 20 in the Americas and United Kingdom.

Watch the footage below.

Five Online Elements Introduced

Costume Gameplay

(Includes footage of the earlier revealed Phantasy Star Online 2 collaboration costume.)

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