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Akiba’s Beat details “Case 4” scenario
posted on 12.12.16 at 11:18 PM EST by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 version due out this week in Japan.

Akibas Beat

Acquire has updated the official Japanese website for Akiba’s Beat with details on the game’s “Case 4” scenario.

Get the details below.

Case 4: The Delusion Contractor Kanon

One day, Moe Suzumori, the poster maid for Akihabara maid cafe “Maidears,” is kidnapped by the pink-caped man. Relying on eyewitness accounts, Asahi and company run around Akihabara in search of Moe and the pink-caped man’s whereabouts, but what they heard were nothing but rumors, and they were not able to find out their whereabouts or condition.

Akemi, who runs the Extasia bar in Akihabara, appears before Asahi, who is chasing the mystery of the pink-caped man. Akemi, who knows of the delusions corroding the town, informs Asahi and company of the rumors of the pink-caped man, as well as the delusions, that have spread throughout the city.

Rumors of Kanon were spreading alongside the delusions… If we pursue Kanon, who calls himself the Delusion Contractor, then won’t we be able to solve the mystery of this eternal Sunday? Asahi, who alongside his allies pursue Kanon’s true character, eventually come to realize that a number of people are letting Kanon contract their delusions.

In Akihabara, which is swirling with delusions, Asahi and company, who have undergone a number of encounters, gradually get closer to the pink-caped man. And then he appeared, a chance meeting—-the expected Delusion Contractor. Is he the cause of all the incidents happening in Akihabara? Kanon, a man who holds the key, will lead this story in an unexpected direction—!

In Japan, the PlayStation 4 version of Akiba’s Beat will launch on December 15, with the PS Vita version’s release date still to be announced. In the west, Akiba’s Beat is due out across both platforms in North America and Europe in Q1 2017. A PlayStation 4 demo is currently available in Japan.

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