Samurai Shodown VI for PS4 launches November 22
posted on 11.18.16 at 06:00 PM EDT by (@salromano)
52 playable characters in SNK's latest PS2-on-PS4 title.

Samurai Shodown VI

Samurai Shodown VI will launch for PlayStation 4 as a PS2-on-pS4 title in North America on November 22.

Here’s an overview of the 2005-launched fighting game:

In additional to the 41 characters in the arcade version, there will be extra characters including 4 EX characters joining into battles as you clear specific conditions. Heat up the battle and decide the victory with a total of 52 characters in the samurai series all-stars! You can get 3 additional spirits “Devil (魔)”, “Beast (獣)” and “Ritual (祭)” if you fulfill other specific condition. Make use of a total of 9 kinds of spirits with 6 spirits from the arcade version!

Thanks, PlayStation Blog.

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