12 minutes of The School: Swan Song gameplay
posted on 11.24.16 at 03:58 AM EST by (@salromano)
A look at the PlayStation VR-supported White Day game.

The School: Swan Song

A 12-minute gameplay demo of The School: Swan Song for PlayStation 4 (with PlayStation VR support) has surfaced from last weekend’s G-Star 2016.

The ROI Games-developed title a prequel to the cult adventure game White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Here’s a full overview of the title, provided to Gematsu by ROI Games:

■ About The School: Swan Song

The School: Swan Song (Korean Title: White Day: Swan Song) is the newest version of one of the most famous horror game series in Korea called “White Day,” which is also well-known to classic horror game fans in other regions like North America, England and Taiwan etc.

The School: Swan Song is the full-blown horror VR game presented by PlayStation VR and expected to show “the real horror” to users by maximizing virtual reality. The romance between game characters as well as the well-written game script make the game more stands out from other horror games.

■ “Romantic Horor” in the School at Night

The School is about the characters trapped in the school are trying to reveal the supernatural secrets and eventually escape from the school.

  • The School at NightThe School provides the ultimate horror to a player trapped in the “School at night”. Besides, this fear is maximized by the “reality” PlayStation VR provides.
  • “Romance” with Female Characters – A player is trapped with female characters have different stories. The player can enjoy romance with each female character through communication.

■ Realistic School Scenes

The School‘s background is based on a school in the late 1900s and reproduces real objects in the school. Players can experience the realistic school scenes when they wear the PlayStation VR headset.

■ The Spirit of the Asian Horror Game

Hideous creatures or brutal and bloody scenes are not shown at . Weapons like guns or knives are not shown either, but only “fear” caused by supernatural phenomenon makes players keep running. To escape, players should find clues and solve puzzles at the school.

■ A Multi-Ending System: Who Will You Run Away With?

The School has 5 female characters and each one has a different ending (dead or alive) according to the player’s decision.

This means there are many possible endings. Normally, The School has 2-3 hour of a short playtime to minimize the sickness caused by a VR device, but the playtime can be increased to 15 hours if the player wants to see all endings.

■ PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR Dual Mode Support

The School: Swan Song has PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR dual mode support and over 20 hours of play time.

■ Release Strategy

Korea and Asia

On disc and via PlayStation Network in early 2017 with Korean and Chinese language support.


On disc and via PlayStation Network in late 2017 with the help of a domestic publisher.


Via PlayStation Network with English language support.

In addition to The School: Swan Song in 2017, White Day: A Labyrinth Named School will launch for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam as The School: White Day on March 14 in South Korea. ROI Games told Gematsu it is planning to release both versions in western territories soon after the Korean release.

Watch the footage below.

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