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Yakuza 6 details baby comforting, temples and shrines, cat cafe, spearfishing, more
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He's the king of the world on a boat like Leo.

Sega has updated the Yakuza 6 official website with new information and screenshots about the game’s play spots, including more information on the Clan Creator, comforting baby Haruto, temples and shrines, the cat cafe, the Snack bar, and spearfishing.

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■ Clan Creator

(This section builds upon our previous Clan Creator coverage.)

Put Together Your Clan at the Hideout

Yakuza 6

On a hill in Onomichi Jingaicho is a place called “La Pente,” and next to the Millennium Tower in Kamurocho is a placed called “M-Side Cafe.” These places will act as your Clan Creator hideouts. From here, you can take on missions and organize your group.

—Choose Missions and Sortie

Yakuza 6

You can carry out grand battles by choosing missions and sortieing. There are main missions that advance the story, as well as sub missions that you can replay any number of times to train. The missions that appear in Onomichi Jingaicho and Kamurocho are different, and you’ll have to progress through the stories of each town in order to clear every mission. The difficulty level and types of enemies that appear depend on the mission, and since the conditions for victory differ, you should choose and sortie members who are most adequate for the particular mission.

■ Comforting Haruto

Put Haruto in a Good Mood

Yakuza 6

Haruto is Haruka’s son. While Kiryu is chasing the truth behind that situation, Haruto himself doesn’t particularly worry about such tings. The suddenly cranky Haruto perplexes the Dragon of Dojima. Try to get Haruto to stop crying using various methods.

A Variety of Ways to Comfort Haruto

Yakuza 6

Rock Haruto left and right, up and down, and pat him to put him in a good mood. But remember, your opponent is a baby. When you don’t meet his requirements for feeling better, you’ll feel the backfire. Haruto is not dealt with by ordinary means, but the smile on his face that comes with feeling better is Kiryu’s greatest reward.

■ The Temple and Shrine

Temples and Shrines are Also a Play Spot

Yakuza 6

On the outskirts of Onomichi Jingaicho is the Ryunan Shinto shrine. And looking out over the streets and inland sea of Onomichi Jingaicho is the famous Senko-ji temple. These two locations appear in Yakuza 6 as play spots.

Make an Offering to Get a Blessing

Yakuza 6

On the grounds of the Ryunan Shinto shrine is a lineup of five Ksitigarbha statues, each tied to one of Kiryu’s skills. By offering up one of your possessions to the Ksitigarbha statue a certain number of times depending on your offering, you’ll acquire experience points for their supported skill.

Pull an O-mikuji to Get a Blessing

Yakuza 6

At the o-mikuji area in the Senko-ji main temple building, Kiryu can pull an o-mikuji (random fortune). Kiryu will receive a blessing in accordance with the content of the fortune. He may even be able to pull a particularly rare fortune…

Make a Monetary Offering to Get a Blessing

Yakuza 6

At the offertory box in the Senko-ji main temple building, Kiryu can make a monetary offering by flicking the touchpad to throw coins into the offertory. By skillfully tossing your offering into the offertory, your blessing gauge will rise and a Shinto Prayer Slot game will trigger. Depending on the results of the slot game, Kiryu will be able to acquire things such as skills or experience points.

■ Cat Cafe

Save the Cat Cafe

Yakuza 6

The “Nyan Nyan Teahouse” is a cat cafe that specializes in stray cats. The purpose of this play spot is the save the cat cafe, whose cats have run away and is facing financial difficulties. By giving them feed and getting them to become more emotionally attached, the cats all over the city will show up at the cafe. Fill the cafe up with cats to create Kamurocho’s best comfort spot.

Look for the Cats Located All Over Town

Yakuza 6

Stray cats can be found all over Kamurocho and Onomichi Jingaicho. Whether it’s inside big pipes or underneath vending machines, cats are hiding everywhere. Try to pay close attention to your surroundings to find them.

Scout Cats by Giving Them Feed

Yakuza 6

By giving a cat that you encounter feed, it will gradually become attached can be scouted for the cat cafe when it reaches maximum attachment. Since each cat has feeds it likes and dislikes, whether or not your feed works on the cat depends on the cat itself.

A Cat Cafe Full of Cats

Yakuza 6

The cats you scout will be sent to the cat cafe. You can take photographs inside the cafe, as well feel at ease alongside all of the relaxed cats. Since you can also give feed to the cats in the cat cafe, you’re free to do that as well. You may also receive thanks from the shop manager if the cats are pleased…

■ Snack

Aim for the Top of the Snack Hierarchy

Yakuza 6

Snack is a new play spot in Yakuza 6. By visiting Snack, you can drink and enjoy conversations among large groups of people, including local patrons and the bar’s lady owner. By deepening your relationships with these people, you’ll gradually climb to the top of the Snack hierarchy.

Drink and Make Friends with Everyone

Yakuza 6

Since you can drink alcohol with Snack’s regular patrons and have friendly chats, you should try to proactively talk to everyone. By raising your friendship level with these people, they’ll open up about their troubles. Be sure to listen kindly. Something good may come out of hearing each of their problems and reaching a solution…

Show that You Understand

Yakuza 6

If you make friends with the regular patrons of Snack, you’ll be invited to conversation events where everyone talks among each other. Stir up the atmosphere while grasping the flow of the conversation and choosing the appropriate responses to indicate your understanding.

Enjoy Karaoke and Darts

Yakuza 6

Outside of drinking, Snack also has karaoke and darts. Capture the hearts of the lady owner and local patrons with your nice plays and beautiful voice.

■ Spearfishing

Become a Man of the Sea

Yakuza 6

In visiting Onomichi Jingaicho, Kiryu gets a certain chance to befriend a local fisherman. This fisherman, who has injured himself and can no longer fish, has Kiryu go spearfishing in his stead. Set out on the boat for the great deep and aim for a big catch.

Your Fishing Tool: An Underwater Gun

Yakuza 6

When spearfishing, you’ll catch fish using an underwater gun. At first, you’ll only have access to one type of underwater gun, but you’ll get new guns with various abilities as you clear stages. You may sometimes be able to obtain an underwater gun in unexpected places outside of spearfishing.

Be Careful of Dangerous Fish

Yakuza 6

The sea is full of formidable enemies that threaten Kiryu. If you’re attacked by a vicious fish and take damage, Kiryu’s amount of remaining air will decrease. Be careful and try to repel the enemy with your underwater gun.

Catch Fish and Reap the Rewards

Yakuza 6

You will of course be rewarded based on your haul, but Kiryu himself will also grow. He’ll be able to dive for a longer period of time and withstand attacks from enemy fish even more. Try to fish a lot and become a spearfishing master!

Yakuza 6 is due out for PlayStation 4 in Japan on December 8.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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