Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune for PS4 launches February 9 in Japan
posted on 10.25.16 at 08:59 AM EST by (@salromano)
First details on the Tamsoft-developed action RPG.

Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune

Four Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune is a PlayStation 4 title and will launch in Japan on February 9, 2017, the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals. It will cost 7,200 yen for the standard edition, 6,400 yen for the download version, and 9,700 yen for the “Royal Edition.”

The Tamsoft-developed action RPG sees the goddesses chosen to participate in a beta test for Four Goddesses Online. The goddesses go on a journey to save the world from the threat of the demon king, to meet their other selves, to play together and make friends, and to get their little sisters.

Players will take on quests at the base and go to dungeons from the world map. Up to four characters can participate in battle, and the story will progress when you clear the quest. Whether you’re playing offline by yourself or online with others, you can have a maximum of four people in your party.

A new character named Bouquet (voiced by Aya Uchida) will also appear. She is an artificial intelligence-equipped NPC and guardian spirit who gives advice to adventurers in various locations. Bouquet was born from an interview in Dengeki PlayStation with Vert voice actress Rina Sato, though that doesn’t mean she’s someone’s little sister.

Dengeki PlayStation also has some news bits on Nep-Nep Connect: Chaos Chanpuru for PS Vita. Its protagonist Yurina is voiced by Ayaka Imamura, while DCD is voiced by Eri Kitamura. There are also illustrations of Ram, Rom, and Green Heart in their Chaos forms.

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