God Eater New Project staff discuss reveal, reaction
posted on 09.19.16 at 09:24 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Famitsu interviews Yusuke Tomizawa and Hiroshi Yoshimura.

God Eater New Project

Famitsu interviewed God Eater series general producer Yusuke Tomizawa and general director Hiroshi Yoshimura, who shared a bit more information about the newly announced God Eater console project.

Get the interview below.

How was it to see everyone’s reaction to the trailer?

Yoshimura: “I’ve only seen the reaction of the crowd at the venue so far, but they were watching so intently, so that was a relief. The narration was meant to be a puzzle, but it seems like many people figured it out…”

I’ll be straightforward. With the three claws in the trailer and the number on Tomizawa’s t-shirt, can we assume this is God Eater 3?

Tomizawa: “Ah, that t-shirt was on backwards (laughs).”

So then… we can consider this “3”?

Tomizawa: “Whatever the next new title we pursue may be, we’ll be going straight for that. At least, it won’t be a console version of God Eater Online.”

Is the trailer running in real time?

Yoshimura: “I’d like you to you to guess based off the fact that it says, ‘Footage shown is under development.’ Of course, that doesn’t mean that the product looks just like that, it’s just the current state.”

Tomizawa: “We still haven’t specified the platform. We put together the things we have currently under development.”

From what we saw in the video, it seems like this is a story set in the future?

Yoshimura: “For now I’ll leave that part to your imagination. One thing I can say is that the trailer doesn’t have some sort of ‘it was all a dream’-type ending.”

What’s the current state of development?

Tomizawa: “In the project’s current phase, we’re solidifying the game’s direction. After that, we’ll go into the sort of stage where we decide how to apply things like technology and graphics.”

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