The King of Fighters XIV ‘South America Team’ gameplay trailer
posted on 06.30.16 at 01:10 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Bandeiras Hattori, Zarina, and Nelson.

The King of Fighters XIV

SNK has released the eighth in its series of “Team Gameplay” trailers for The King of Fighters XIV. This one introduces the South America Team.

The South America Team includes Bandeiras Hattori, Zarina, and Nelson detailed below via Atlus:

  • Bandeiras Hattori – A self-trained ninja who practices the legitimately dangerous art of, uh, Brazilian ninjutsu (not to be confused with Brazilian jiu-jitsu!). Basically, Bandeiras is a 100% certified Brazilian ninja who wants to win the tournament to earn respect and get students for his dojo.
  • Zarina – The savior of rain forests! She wants to raise money and awareness for the environment, and has zero issues beating up competitors in the name of nature. Zarina will dazzle opponents with her acrobatic Capoeira fighting style and is a strong member of this team. Oh, she’s also bringing along her adorable toucan friend Coco.
  • Nelson – The boxing prodigy who wants to punch his way to the top in order to raise money for a loved one. He lost one of his arms in an accident, but was lucky enough to receive a mysterious cybernetic replacement that you could say gives him the upper hand during fights. With his fancy footwork and nasty hooks, Nelson will be a difficult opponent for anyone.

If you missed it, previous trailers introduced Official Invitation Team, Villains Team, Kim Team, Art of Fighting Team, Fatal Fury Team, Yagami Team, and Japan Team.

The King of Fighters XIV is due out for PlayStation 4 in North America on August 23, in Japan on August 25, and in Europe on August 26.

Watch the trailer below.

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