First looks at Super Stardust Ultra VR and Hustle Kings VR
posted on 06.27.16 at 10:30 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Two PlayStation VR launch titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared the first screenshots of Super Stardust Ultra VR and Hustle Kings VR, two PlayStation VR launch titles due out on October 13.

Super Stardust Ultra VR

Super Stardust Ultra VR will feature a new mode called “Invasion Zone” designed specifically for virtual reality and played in a first-person cockpit view, where you take control of a ship armed with the game’s typical advanced weaponry (plasma cannons, missiles, EMPs, and an Inertial Disruptor). The targeting system is fixed to the pilot’s head movement, and there are two difficulty levels. In addition to Invasion Mode, all of the traditional Super Stardust Ultra modes have been enhanced for PlayStation VR.

Hustle Kings VR

Hustle Kings VR will let you look around the pool table and work out your shooting angles like you would in real life. You can play either with a standard DualShock 4, motion-enhanced DualShock 4, or dual PlayStation Move controllers. There will also be two “crazy” new tables to play on.

View the screenshots of Super Stardust Ultra VR here and Hustle Kings VR here.

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