Abzu launches this summer, new footage
posted on 06.10.16 at 09:15 AM EST by (@salromano)
Two minutes of footage ahead of E3 2016.


New media previews of Abzu, Giant Squid’s E3 2014-announced underwater exploration game for PlayStation 4 and PC, have gone live ahead of this year’s E3, providing our latest look at the game, now confirmed to launch this summer.

In Abzu, players take on the role of a diver, and know no more than that. You can swim around anywhere you want and get lost in the ocean, but there is also a story to follow. Drones will help direct you to different places in the ocean, and over time you’ll learn who you are and why you’re swimming in the ocean. Of course, being in the ocean also means there are dangers, like being hunted by a Great White Shark.

The previews are available at Game Informer, Polygon, and VentureBeat. Polygon, specifically, has gone up with two minutes of new gameplay.

Watch the new footage below.

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