World War Toons announced as free-to-play
posted on 05.02.16 at 06:03 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Virtual reality shooter due out in 2016.

World War Toons

World War Toons, the upcoming virtual reality first-person shooter from Reload Studios, will be free-to-play when it launches later this year, the company announced.

The cartoony, class-based shooter sees players battle for supremacy as either the courageous Allies or the indomitable Axis. The game promises a variety of play styles and modes, from changing classes on the fly, to transforming into a tank.

“Rather than focus on a demo or experience, we wanted to create a game that fans could play for hundreds of hours” states James Chung, CEO of Reload Studios. “Going Free to Play means that everybody who dives into World War Toons can expect updates and new content for years to come!”

Chung continued, “Our aim has always been to create a game that fans can enjoy all across the world. Going F2P gave us the wiggle room to reach a wider audience already familiar with this model. We have to modify the monetization model a bit, but the basic structure of how people would consume our content would be applicable to other regions such as Europe or Asia.”

World War Toons will be available for PlayStation VR and other virtual reality platforms.

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