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Rumor: Sony working on more powerful PS4.5
posted on 03.18.16 at 02:01 PM EST by (@salromano)
Rumored to support 4K gaming output.


Sony Computer Entertainment is working on a new version of PlayStation 4 with increased graphical power and the ability to run games at 4K resolution, according to developer sources speaking to Kotaku.

Developers told Kotaku that this “PlayStation 4.5” (it’s uncertain whether this is an official name or something used among developers) will include an upgraded GPU that supports both high-end 4K resolution for games and adds more processing power that can enhance the games supported by PlayStation VR. It will also allow developers to push more effects and other graphical tweaks to their games.

Currently, PlayStation 4 can output games at a max resolution of 1920×1080 pixels when playing games, whereas 4K outputs at 4096×2160 pixels. PlayStation 4 does, however, support 4K resolution for photos and videos.

Kotaku notes that the circle of people who knew about this upgraded PlayStation 4 was small until recently. Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek first heard about it from one trusted source, then two. And two of its other writers were also able to independently verify its existence. Hoewver, one source said that the device felt “exploratory” and might not even be released this year. At the Game Developers Conference in san Francisco, Kotaku heard that Sony held meetings with developers about the hardware. Another Kotaku writer even overheard developers talking about the upgraded hardware, calling it “PS4.5″ and discussing its increased power, 4K resolution, and PlayStation VR.

There is no word on a release date or price for PlayStation 4.5, nor whether you’ll be able to upgrade your current PlayStation 4, or whether there will be games that support the new PlayStation 4 but not the current one. Kotaku does not, however, that it has heard similar plans for Microsoft.

When contacted by Kotaku, a Sony spokesperson said, “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

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