PlayStation Network Flash Sale: Sword Art Online, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Neptunia Re;Birth, and more
posted on 03.18.16 at 06:37 PM EST by (@salromano)
Rarely discounted titles on sale for up to 90 percent off.

PSN Flash Sale

Sony Computer Entertainment America is holding a PlayStation Network flash sale this weekend with up to up to 90 percent off rarely discounted titles. Notable titles include Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (PS4) for $4.99 (normally $19.99), JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle (PS3) for $4.49 (normally $29.99), and Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1 and 2 for $8.99 each (normally $29.99 each).

The flash sale starts today and ends at 11:00 a.m. PT on Monday, March 21.

Get the full list of discounts below. Visit the sales page here.

PlatformTitleSale PriceOriginal Price
PS4Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition$4.49$14.99
PS4Air Conflicts Vietnam Ultimate Edition$5.99$29.99
PS4Counterspy (Cross-Buy)$4.49$14.99
PS4Duck Dynasty$14.49$49.99
PS4Flow (Cross-Buy)$1.79$5.99
PS4Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams: Director’s Cut$2.99$14.99
PS4Home – A Unique Horror Adventure (Cross-Buy)$0.99$4.99
PS4Ironclad Tactics$4.49$14.99
PS4Lets Sing 2016$9.99$39.99
PS4Loot Action-Packed Bundle$4.99$19.99
PS4Mercenary Kings$3.99$19.99
PS4Motogp 14$11.99$59.99
PS4Peggle 2 Magical Masters Edition$1.49$14.99
PS4Project Root (Cross-Buy)$2.49$9.99
PS4Pure Chess Complete Bundle$5.99$19.99
PS4Steamworld Dig (Cross-Buy)$2.99$9.99
PS4Styx: Master Of Shadows$8.99$29.99
PS4Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment$4.99$19.99
PS4The Swapper (3-Way Cross-Buy)$1.49$14.99
PS4Tour De France 2014 Season 2014 (Cross-Buy)$8.99$29.99
PS4Transformers Devastation$17.49$49.99
PS4Zen Pinball 2 – Marvel’s Ant-man (3-Way Cross-buy)$0.98$2.99
PS4Zombie Vikings$7.99$19.99
PS3Tales Of Monkey Island Bundle$4.99$19.99
PS3Adam’s Venture Chronicles$7.49$29.99
PS3Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers$4.99$19.99
PS3Alice: Madness Returns Ultimate Edition$1.99$19.99
PS3Arcania The Complete Tale$2.99$19.99
PS3Atomic Ninjas: Complete Edition$0.79$7.99
PS3Back To The Future: The Game – Full Series$4.99$19.99
PS3Bejeweled 3$1.49$4.99
PS3Bionic Commando Rearmed 2$1.99$9.99
PS3Bionic Commando: Rearmed$1.99$9.99
PS3Blowout (PS2 Classic)$0.99$9.99
PS3Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway$8.99$29.99
PS3Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts$7.49$29.99
PS3Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood$4.99$19.99
PS3Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger$4.49$14.99
PS3Capcom Combo Pack$5.99$29.99
PS3Capcom Super Pack$9.99$49.99
PS3Castlevania Chronicles (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Command & Conquer: Red Alert (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Counterspy (Cross-Buy)$4.49$14.99
PS3Deadly Premonition: The Directors Cut$4.99$19.99
PS3Digimon All – Star Rumble$2.99$19.99
PS3Dirt 3$4.99$19.99
PS3Duck Dynasty$9.59$39.99
PS3EA Sports Mma Digital$1.99$19.99
PS3Extreme Pinball (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3F1 Race Stars$5.99$19.99
PS3Fast & Furious: Showdown$9.59$39.99
PS3Fatal Frame (PS2 Classic)$0.99$9.99
PS3Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (PS2 Classic)$0.99$9.99
PS3Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (PS2 Classic)$0.99$9.99
PS3Fighting Force (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Final Fight/Double Impact$2.99$9.99
PS3Foosball 2012 Ultimate Foosball Bundle$0.59$2.99
PS3Galaga Legions DX$0.99$9.99
PS3Game Of Thrones$1.99$19.99
PS3Grid 2$8.99$29.99
PS3Grid 2 – Reloaded$7.99$39.99
PS3Grid: Autosport$8.99$29.99
PS3Grid: Autosport: Grid Autosport Season Pass$8.99$29.99
PS3Heavenly Guardian (PS2 Classic)$1.99$9.99
PS3JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle$4.49$29.99
PS3Klonoa : Door To Phantomile (PS One Classic)$1.79$5.99
PS3Le Tour De France – Season 2014 (Cross-Buy)$8.99$29.99
PS3Lights Camera Party!$1.49$14.99
PS3Lights Camera Party! (DLC Pack 1)$0.99$4.99
PS3Lost Planet 3$4.99$19.99
PS3Madden NFL Arcade$0.99$9.99
PS3Manhunt (PS2 Classic)$0.99$9.99
PS3Medal Of Honor Frontline$0.99$9.99
PS3Mega Man X4$1.49$5.99
PS3Mega Man X5$1.49$5.99
PS3Men In Black Alien Crisis$9.59$39.99
PS3Motogp 2014$3.99$19.99
PS3Namco Museum Essentials$1.49$9.99
PS3Noby Noby Boy$1.49$4.99
PS3Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee HD$0.99$9.99
PS3Of Orcs and Men$5.99$19.99
PS3Pac-man World 20th Anniversary (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Prince Of Persia Classic$0.99$9.99
PS3Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands$1.99$19.99
PS3Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones$1.49$14.99
PS3Prince Of Persia: Warrior Within$1.49$14.99
PS3Rayman (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Rayman 3 HD$0.99$9.99
PS3Remember Me$8.99$29.99
PS3Risen 3 Titan Lords – Complete Edition$9.99$39.99
PS3Risen 3: Titan Lords$8.99$29.99
PS3Rock Band Blitz$4.49$14.99
PS3R-type Dimensions$2.99$9.99
PS3Rune Factory: Tides Of Destiny$8.99$29.99
PS3Sam & Max: Beyond Time And Space – Full Season$1.99$19.99
PS3Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse$1.99$19.99
PS3Shaun White – Snowboarding$4.99$19.99
PS3Shaun White Skateboarding$4.99$19.99
PS3Silent Hill (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Soldner-x 2: Final Prototype Complete Bundle$2.59$12.99
PS3Soldner-x: Himmelssturmer$1.59$7.99
PS3Spelunker HD$2.99$9.99
PS3Spelunker HD Ultimate Edition$4.24$16.99
PS3Spongebob Squarepants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge$7.49$29.99
PS3Stardrone (Cross-Buy)$0.99$3.99
PS3Strider 2 (PS One Classic)$1.49$5.99
PS3Superfrog HD (Cross-Buy and Cross-Play)$0.99$9.99
PS3The Swapper (3-Way Cross-Buy)$1.49$14.99
PS3The Walking Dead Survival Instinct$9.49$49.99
PS3Thief – Digital Bundle$2.99$29.99
PS3Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD$4.49$14.99
PS3Toybox Turbos$4.49$14.99
PS3Transformers Devastation$17.49$49.99
PS3Worms 2: Armageddon$4.49$14.99
PS3Worms Ultimate Mayhem$4.49$14.99
PS3Xblaze Lost: Memories$11.99$39.99
PS3Zen Pinball 2 – Marvel’s Ant-man (3-Way Cross-buy)$0.98$2.99
PS3Zeno Clash 2$2.99$14.99
PS VitaBombing Busters (Cross-Buy)$2.09$6.99
PS VitaCode: Realize ~Guardian Of Rebirth~$11.99$39.99
PS VitaCounterspy (Cross-Buy)$4.49$14.99
PS VitaEntwined$2.99$9.99
PS VitaFarming Simulator 14$8.99$29.99
PS VitaFlow$1.79$5.99
PS VitaFurmins$1.49$5.99
PS VitaHyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1$8.99$29.99
PS VitaHyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2$8.99$29.99
PS VitaMetrico$2.79$13.99
PS VitaMind Zero$7.49$24.99
PS VitaMonster Monpiece$1.99$19.99
PS VitaMotogp 14$3.99$19.99
PS VitaMuramasa Rebirth$7.49$24.99
PS VitaNorn9: Var Commons$11.99$39.99
PS VitaOddworld Stranger’s Wrath$2.99$14.99
PS VitaProject Root (Cross-Buy)$2.49$9.99
PS VitaReel Fishing: Master’s Challenge$5.99$19.99
PS VitaSmart As…$4.04$13.49
PS VitaSoldner-x 2: Final Prototype Complete Bundle (Cross-Buy)$2.59$12.99
PS VitaStardrone Extreme (Cross-Buy)$0.99$3.99
PS VitaSteamworld Dig (Cross-Buy)$2.99$9.99
PS VitaSuper Stardust Delta$2.99$9.99
PS VitaSuperfrog HD (Cross-Buy and Cross-Play)$0.99$9.99
PS VitaSurge Deluxe$0.99$4.99
PS VitaThe Amazing Spiderman$9.59$39.99
PS VitaThe Swapper (3-Way Cross-Buy)$1.49$14.99
PS VitaTotal Recoil$0.99$2.49
PS VitaWorms Revolution Extreme$4.49$14.99
PS VitaZen Pinball 2 – Marvel’s Ant-man (3-Way Cross-buy)$0.98$2.99
PSPCapcom Classics Collection Reloaded$1.99$9.99
PSPElminage Original$3.74$14.99
PSPEnd Of Serenity$4.49$14.99
PSPHarvest Moon: Hero Of Leaf Valley$4.99$19.99
PSPKurulin Fusion$1.49$4.99
PSPMe And My Katamari$2.24$14.99
PSPMystic Chronicles$4.49$14.99
PSPPrince Of Persia: Revelations$0.99$9.99
PSPPrince Of Persia: Rival Swords$0.99$9.99
PSPPrince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands$1.99$19.99
PSPRidge Racer$2.24$14.99
PSPStrikers 1945 Plus$1.49$4.99
PSPWarriors Of The Lost Empire$1.79$5.99
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