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Toukiden 2 first details, screenshots
posted on 02.04.16 at 02:20 AM EST by (@salromano)
Koei Tecmo launches official website.

Koei Tecmo has opened the official Japanese website for Toukiden 2, providing the first official details and screenshots about its open-world hunting game sequel.

Get the details below.

■ Outline

Open World

Toukiden 2

From the village that becomes the player’s base to the battlefield, the world is represented through one big open world map. After leaving the verdant village, the power of demons known as “oni” will warp space-time and the spirit world will fill the area. The spirit world is full of a dangerous gas, so players must build a foothold and gradually expand their course of action. From towns buried in thick forests, temples in volcanos boiling with lava, and fortresses floating in the sky, Toukiden 2 is a new form of hunting action game that lets players explore a fantastic world where you’ll encounter various characters and oni.

Evolved Action

Toukiden 2

The “Parts Destruction Action” where you destroy specific parts of an oni’s body has further evolved. Slayers can produce a giant hand known as an “Demon’s Hand” that allows them to pull the oni down to the earth several times. Additionally, the “Complete Parts Destruction” where you destroy the oni’s life force part by part is also possible, and when an oni loses its body parts like its arms or legs, its pattern of actions changes in a big way, so an element of strategy is added to the battle.

New Story

Players are Slayers who battle “oni.” During the battle of the “Awakening” that changed the world, a mysterious power engulfs you and you drift to “Mahoroba Village.” The player, who lost his/her memory, is guided by Hakase and other unique friends in chasing the truth of the world, and throw themselves into battle against oni. In Mahoroba Village, where there are various values and situations, a magnificent story about how the world came to be will be told.

New Co-Op Play

As a hunting action game, the familiar online multiplayer element will also be in tact. Furthermore, a new type of co-op play is also planned.

■ Characters


Toukiden 2

A Slayer who fought in the Yokohama Defensive Battle in the Awakening. Engulfed by a mysterious power, he/she lost their memory and ended up in Mahoroba Village.

Hakase (The Doctor)

Toukiden 2

A doctor who does research and development on devices / mechanisms. She created a marionette called Tokitsugu, as well as the “Demon’s Hand.” She excavates ruins of ancient civilizations in search of the “truth of the world” that lies dormant there. She’s a Slayer who uses a gun.


Toukiden 2

A marionette made by Hakase. The soul of a human is sealed within it. It looks cute on the outside, but is brave on the inside. As an older brother-like character, he pulls along the other Slayers around him. No one is better than him at using a gun.


Toukiden 2

A British girl who came to a foreign settlement in Yokohama. After getting caught up in the Awakening, she’s picked up by a special unit on a sacred mountain and becomes a Slayer. As a Shield Sword user, she freely swings her big sword, Nailing.

■ Demons


Toukiden 2

A large demon with huge, strong arms. During the Awakening ten years prior, it led the pack among the oni that overran the world. Its name originates from the malevolent stars that cause a solar eclipse, meaning that it gulps down everything.


Toukiden 2

A medium-sized demon with long arms and a protruding stomach. It is said to be a kid who grew old. It commands a group of smaller oni, which it could order to attack you.

Toukiden 2 is due out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in Japan in 2016.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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