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Wild Arms creator teases 20th anniversary meeting
posted on 01.22.16 at 12:35 AM EST by (@salromano)
Sony reviving its Wild Arms series this year?

Wild Arms

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the Wild Arms series, which first launched for PSone in December 1996, and saw its latest release in August 2007. While we haven’t heard from the series in a while, series creator Akifumi Kaneko recently tweeted about a meeting at Sony Computer Entertainment regarding the series.

“So. I’m back from the Wild Arms meeting,” Kaneko said in the tweet. “Participants included myself, [series composer Michiko] Naruke, SCE producer [Kentaro] Motomura, and promotion’s [Taku] Nishijima, who everybody loves. Tonight, we emphasized that ‘this year, it’s the series’s 20th anniversary!’ It’s cold outside, but we were undoubtedly hot.”

In January last year, Kaneko said that he ‘intends to keep the flame alive for the Wild Arms series’ and was working on something in the shadows.

“I know it’s not exactly what all of the fans are hoping to hear per se, but your responses to today’s broadcast will help make that flame bigger and put some winds in my sails, I believe,” Kaneko said in January 2015. “I remain as grateful as can be for all the love and support Wild Arms continues to get even in 2015, but I think for now, I better end it on that note.”

Kentaro Motomura also said at the time that Sony has never gone on record saying that the Wild Arms series was finished and “are hoping that somehow we can revive it sometime down the road.”

We do know of at least one Wild Arms-related release coming this year, and that’s the PS2-emulated version of Wild Arms 3 for PlayStation 4.

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