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Pokken Tournament launches March 18 in the west
posted on 01.15.16 at 10:25 AM EST by (@salromano)
New screenshots show recently announced fighters.

Pokken Tournament

Pokken Tournament will launch for Wii U in North America and Europe on March 18, Nintendo announced.

As previously announced, first production run versions of the game will also receive a special Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card, which can be tapped to the Wii U GamePad controller to unlock the Shadow Mewtwo playable character in the game.

The Bandai Namco-developed fighting game includes 16 playable fighters:

  • Pikachu – Pikachu overwhelms opponents with powerful electric shocks and quick movements.
  • Weavile – Weavile is a speedy fighter with a small body, sharp claws, and the ability to control ice.
  • Sceptile – Sceptile is a mysterious dark green shadow, the ruler of the jungle, and can control plants.
  • Suicune – Suicune is a Legendary Pokémon with powerful long-range attacks.
  • Pikachu Libre – Pikachu Libre, a wrestling idol, is a small masked fighter overflowing with fighting spirit.
  • Machamp – Machamp is a powerful fighter with unrivaled close-range combat skills.
  • Lucario – Lucario is an all-around solid fighter with a balance of offense and defense.
  • Gengar – Gengar is a phantasmagoric trickster, tough to read and hated by its opponents.
  • Gardevoir – Gardevoir toys with opponents from afar with fluid movements.
  • Garchomp – Garchomp is a heavy-hitting Pokémon with moves that close in on its opponents and deal big damage.
  • Charizard – Charizard is like a flame dancing in the air, using its white-hot power to overcome all opposition.
  • Shadow Mewtwo – Shadow Mewtwo can deliver a series of devastating blows, confusing its opponents into submission.
  • Chandelure – Chandelure’s innocent spirit lures its opponents to the underworld. The flames of its long-range attacks can consume anything.
  • Braixen – Braixen strikes at foes from a distance with fiery distance attacks.
  • Blaziken – Blaziken is a hot-blooded fighter that rushes into battle with its fists of flame.
  • Mewtwo – Mewtwo combines cerebral agility with incredible power to dominate any adversary.

Visit the official English website at PokkenTournament.com.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery, including shots of recently confirmed Pokemon fighters Braixen, Mewtwo, Garchomp, and Chandelure.

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