Dragon Quest Heroes II introduces new protagonists
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Meet Razel, Tereshia, and some other characters.

Dragon Quest Heroes II Dragon Quest Heroes II

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has first details on the new protagonists of Dragon Quest Heroes II, as well as information on new supporting characters and the world which the game is set.

All five characters introduced this time were designed by Dragon Quest series character designer Akira Toriyama.

  • Razel (Male Protagonist) – A proud novice knight. A military cadet in Gywall studying abroad at neighboring country Orenka’s military academy. He is a passionate guy who is always energetically racing ahead. He fights wielding dual blades.
  • Tereshia (Female Protagonist) – A fighting female class president. A military cadet in Gywall and Razel’s cousin. She provides some levelheadedness to balance Razel’s tendency to race ahead.
  • Cesare – A prince and commander-in-chief of the army. The Prince of Gywall and childhood friend of the protagonists. He is adored for his personality, but unmanageable when he loses his temper.
  • Orneze – The dependable “big sister”-type to the protagonists. A warrior who serves King Zebion. She is famous as the red female warrior who uses a giant ax. She is cheerful and reliable.
  • King Zebion – The King of Zebion, a suzerain state comprised of seven countries situated at the center of the world.

An ancient prophecy in the world of Dragon Quest Heroes II says there will be a battle that involves all seven countries. Tereshia visits Razel, who is studying abroad in Orenka. Their home country Gywall and Orenka are the two countries that trigger the battle, which the pair get wrapped up in.

  • Suzerain State Zebion – The King lives in a legendary tower that rises over the Zebion Kingdom. As the country that governs the world, many people gather here. South of the Zebion Kingdom are the human countries, while north are the monster countries. Seven kingdoms flourish around Zebion.
  • Orenka, Gywall, and Kretia: The Countries Where Humans and Monsters Live Together – Orenka is famous for its lively harbor and beautiful stained glass cathedral. Gywall is the desert home country of the protagonists. Gywall has friendly relations with Orenka, but something happens. Kretia is ruled by a historic magician family, and is prosperous in the study of magic.
  • Mohrias, Felnock, and Daral: The Countries Where Monsters Reign – The three countries known collectively as Monsterlea, built on the frontier and where monsters live. Each of these countries is ruled by a monster king. There are vast snowfields in the southwest, where the Sacred Mountain Rehgan rises.
  • The Prophecy – On the day the dragon eats the sun, the twins will be born, and the land will be covered in war once again.

Dragon Quest Heroes II is due out for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in Japan on May 27.

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