Ys VIII starts when Adol is washed ashore a cursed island
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Latest Ys game features city-building elements.

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation has first details on Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, the next entry in the Ys series slated for a summer 2016 release on PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan.

Here’s how the game starts:

In South Greek, in the waters of the Goethe Sea, Adol is aboard a passenger boat called “The Lombardy” heading from Xandria towards the continent of Eresia, when the the ship is attacked and sunk by a mysterious, large monster. When Adol wakes up on a sandy beach, he realizes he is on the cursed “Siren Island.”

In an interview with the magazine, Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo said that in addition to speedy, party-based battles and various skills, there will be a new jump action and other elements, including a castaway and co-op system. On this island, players can build a “Drifting Village” base to rescue other castaways that drift ashore. There will also be “Counter-Attack Battles” where players must defend the base.

Kondo added that with the new setting of Siren Island, they’re being a lot more particular about the atmosphere of the terrain, scenery, and such.

Dengeki PlayStation also has some new screenshots, including what appear to be conversation scenes with a green-haired giant and an orange-haired woman.

If you missed it, catch the game’s latest screenshots here.

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