“Big” Dynasty Warriors announcement due in 2016
posted on 12.31.15 at 12:53 PM EST by (@salromano)
Koei Tecmo apologizes for no announcements in 2015.

Dynasty Warriors

Koei Tecmo will make a big Dynasty Warriors announcement in 2016, the publisher teased in a New Year’s message on the series’ official web portal.

“Last year, we welcomed the 15th anniversary of the Dynasty Warriors series, and we were not able to deliver the news fans were expecting. For that, we are very sorry,” producer Akihiro Suzuki said in the message.

“This year, we’re preparing to be able to make a big announcement, so please look forward to it.”

The first Shin Sangoku Musou game, the series known as Dynasty Warriors in the west, launched in Japan on August 3, 2000.

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  • Marcus Foster

    They need to stop turning dynasty warriors into a fucking anime show. The dialogue is becoming more and more predictable every game. Liu bei is all “the people, the people, the people. Cao Cao is all ” ambition, ambition, ambition”. Sun Jiang is all: “tigers, tigers, tigers.” Guan yu is all: “brothers, for honor, brother”. Like God, they don’t have to make a fucking speech about the same fucking thing 10 Times in a row. The moves are becoming too ridiculous. And the only thing getting better are the graphics. Like, we only want better interactions, right? Or is that just me. Make less characters if they really have to. Dynasty warriors 6 was really good on that but they got lazy with the moveswts
    After that game, it became less about the story and it’s drama and now is all about godmoding the characters. Please koei, give use back our warriors and take back your cheesy anime characters!