Eve: Burst Error R announced for PS Vita, PC
posted on 11.30.15 at 09:45 AM EDT by (@salromano)
1995 visual novel coming to new platforms.

Eve: Burst Error

Eve: Burst Error, the classic visual novel from the late YU-NO and Mystereet creator Hiroyuki Kanno, is coming to PS Vita and PC as Eve: Burst Error R in 2016 in Japan, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals.

The graphics are completely updated from the Sega Saturn release, and a text skip option has been added, among other handy features. The character and event CG are based on the original and are digitally remastered with recoloring. There’s also new event CG drawn by character designer Nao Tajima.

Eve: Burst Error first launched for PC in 1995, and then for Sega Saturn in 1997. Here’s an outline, via VNDB:

A Bizarre Serial Murder Mystery. There’s A Serial Killer Close By. A Prohibited Psychothriller. The Multi-Sight System Reveals Surprising Truth!

In this game there are two heroes, Kojiroh and Marina, who are each called to solve their own cases. This game allows you to switch characters at any time to solve the mysteries these heroes encounter. This “Multi-Sight Adventure” allows you to view what’s happening behind-the-scenes from the other character’s perspective, bump into each other, and sometimes even help each other out. Together, they come closer and closer to the shocking truth through their combined actions and skills of deduction.

Marina’s Episode: Marina is a national intelligence agent with a 99% success rate. Her new assignment is to protect the daughter of a Japanese embassy official stationed abroad. As you encounter numerous attackers, you become aware of a dangerous government dispute that is the root of all these attacks.

Kojiroh’s Episode: A seemingly down-on-his-luck private investigator finally gets a break, as he is hired to locate some mysterious piece of art. Even though he feels a little weird about this case, the pay is huge! Yet he may be drawn into an unexpected nightmare involving a string of bizarre murders.

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Update 12/01/15 at 12:45 a.m.: Here’s a small look at Eve: Burst Error R, via Famitsu.com:

Eve: Burst Error R

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