World of Final Fantasy screenshots introduce new character, Lightning summon, more
posted on 09.25.15 at 04:11 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Chibi Final Fantasy due out in 2016.

Square Enix has released a new set of screenshots for World of Final Fantasy following its new trailer at the Tokyo Game Show last week.

The RPG is due out for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in Japan in 2016.

Ge the details below.

Enna Kros (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)

A woman who one day suddenly appears and invites the two protagonists to the world of Grymoire. She guides Reynn and Lann into the unknown world with the expectation that they’ll regain their lost memories.

World of Final Fantasy


Cornelia – A town that debuted in the original Final Fantasy.

World of Final Fantasy

Nebra Cave – A dungeon located near Cornelia.

World of Final Fantasy

Various Fields – “Forest of Light,” “Valley of Ice,” a port town where there are rumors of a docked pirate ship, and more will appear.

World of Final Fantasy

Take The Train – You can take the train to travel the game’s expansive world. The train conductor is none other than Cactuar, voiced by Shigeru Chiba.

World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Characters

Princess Sarah and The Warrior of Light will appear.

World of Final Fantasy

Lighting from Final Fantasy XIII lends her strength to players as a Savior. Her special ability is “Scene Drive.”

World of Final Fantasy


Proectors are Mirages that possess great power. They include Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, and more. You can summon Cerberus, a Mega Mirage, by trading out all of your Mirage monsters.

World of Final Fantasy


In battle, players can ride on and stack their Mirage monsters using the game’s “Stack-Stack” system. When you stack Mirage monsters on top of each other, their HP and attack power will add up and special abilities will become available for use. When you battle using them separated (not stacked on top of each other), you’ll recover AP faster, which is necessary for abilities, and avoid the risk of being taken out all at once.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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