Bandai Namco trademarks Burning Blood, Thousand Storm, and Slashy Souls in the U.S. and Europe
posted on 09.08.15 at 10:15 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Crows localization? Dark Souls spin-off?

Crows: Burning Edge

Bandai Namco has filed three new trademarks in the United States and Europe.

In Europe, the company filed a trademark for “Burning Blood.” Bandai Namco’s Japanese subsidiary doesn’t have a game that matches this title, but it does have the similarly subtitled Crows: Burning Edge in development for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita (pictured).

In the United States, Bandai Namco trademarked the names “Thousand Storm” and “Slashy Souls.” The former was already trademarked in Japan. The latter sounds like it could be some sort of mobile Dark Souls spin-off. (But of course, this is just baseless speculation.)

Bandai Namco also trademarked “Sky Kid” in Europe. In March, the game was re-released on the Wii U Virtual Console in North America and Japan. Perhaps this means a European release is on the way.

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