Tokyo Xanadu has mini-games, real-world stores
posted on 08.25.15 at 10:01 AM EST by (@salromano)
Visit Animate, Kotobukiya, and Orion Shobo.

Tokyo Xanadu

Dengeki PlayStation this week reveals three mini-games players can take on in Falcom’s Tokyo Xanadu for PS Vita.

They are:

  • “Gate of Avalon” (like The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel‘s Blade mini-game)
  • “Michy Panic with Magical Girl Magical Alisa” (whack-a-mole)
  • “Skateboarding”

Other new information shared in this week’s Dengeki PlayStation includes:

Difficulty Modes

Players can select between “Easy,” “Normal,” “Hard,” and “Nightmare” difficulties. Excluding when you’re playing in Nightmare mode, you can change the difficulty at any time.

Real-World Store Collaborations

Real-world stores Animate, Kotobukiya, and Orion Shobo will appear in the game.

Battle Functions

Pressing the triangle button alternates partner characters, while pressing right on the d-pad alternates support characters. Characters who are unable to fight are automatically moved to the support frame where they slowly recover HP.

Pressing the R button performs a dodge, while holding the R button performs a dash.

Tokyo Xanadu is due out for PS Vita in Japan on September 30. If you missed it, catch the latest, five minute-long trailer here.

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