Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain coming to PS4, “only for Europe and the PAL region” [Update: North America, too]
posted on 06.16.15 at 08:27 AM EST by (@salromano)
Available as individual digital releases and physical bundle.

Beyond: Two Souls

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are coming to PlayStation 4 “only for Europe and the PAL region,” Sony Computer Entertainment and Quantic Dream announced. Both titles will be available as individual digital releases, as well as a bundled physical and digital release.

Heavy Rain is Quantic Dream’s first PlayStation 3 title, which launched in 2010. It’s an “interactive drama” that tells the story of a father looking for his kidnapped son. Beyond was the studio’s second title for the platform, which launched in 2013. It follows the supernatural journey of Jodie Holmes, played by Ellen Page, who grows from a young girl into a powerful woman.

Screenshots of the new versions were not shared. Sony says it will share more details on when and how you can get these remastered games soon.

Update: North America will also get the PlayStation 4 remasters.

“Exact details digital/BDR will emerge later, but both titles will make it to North America as well, in one form or another,” Quantic Dream said in a tweet.

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