Bandai Namco on Tales of Zestiria PS4 rumors: ‘Wait until Tales of Festival’
posted on 05.05.15 at 09:32 AM EST by (@salromano)
Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia teases on Twitter.

Tales of Zestiria is coming to PlayStation 4. At least, that’s what listings from retailers like Best Buy and Nedgame have told us. But Bandai Namco has yet to officially comment. Until today, sort of.

In a Facebook update (the link might not work for your IP; thanks, MSMrRound and raven777), Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia posted the following message:

Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia Facebook Post

The post links to our Tales of Festival date article. The annual Tales of fan expo runs from June 6 to 7 this year. Judging by Bandai Namco Asia’s tease, we’ll hear about the PlayStation 4 version there. And series producer Hideo Baba will probably talk more about that subject the ‘caused fans to worry.’

Officially, we know that Tales of Zestiria will launch for PlayStation 3 this fall.

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