First look at Song of Memories for PS Vita
posted on 03.11.15 at 10:38 PM EST by (@salromano)
New PS Vita adventure game featuring RPG-like battles.

Famitsu has gone up with its online preview of Pure Wish’s (FTL Entertainment) newly announced PS Vita game Song of Memories.

Song of Memories Song of Memories

The adventure game’s themes are described as revolving around “making the ultimate choices” and “a story of song-playing.” It begins when a mysterious virus that infects only women breaks out and the infected begin their invasion as a “new breed of humans.” The story revolves around the protagonist and the game’s heroine(s), who may have been infected with the disease.

In addition to an adventure game-like story, players will also be able to enjoy RPG-like battles while listening to songs.

Famitsu introduces the first set of characters:

Kanon Hiiragi

Song of Memories

Kanon was very weak as a child, making it difficult for her to leave the house, and thus she is extremely shy. Even so, she is compassionate towards everyone. Her mother, who was the developer of the “DreamUnit,” was infected with a virus, and Kanon lost her mother, alongside her father. With both of her parents gone, the protagonist is all she has left to rely on.

Akira Tabunoki

Song of Memories

A researcher who will do anything to eradicate the disease. She comes from a poor village, but was working in a mansion outside of the community. But her village was wiped out by an unknown virus. With her boss’ support, she made her way through university and became an agent at the International Medical Institution.

Yuno Wakatsuki

Song of Memories

She’s the star of the gymnastics club, but she’s actually a complete introvert. She doesn’t want to be disliked by others, so she acts meekly around other people. Her father is Japanese and her mother is Swedish, and she also has a younger, more well-rounded brother. As her family is well-off money-wise, she grew up without having to deal with any major obstacles in life.

Song of Memories is due out in Japan next spring.

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