Square Enix hiring for “new genre” Dragon Quest
posted on 02.01.15 at 12:17 AM EST by (@salromano)
Whatever it is, it'll have maps and some sort of online mode.

Dragon Quest V

Square Enix is looking for a planner to work on a new Dragon Quest title, according to a recent Workport job listing.

The contents of the job listing mention the following key points:

  • It is a new Dragon Quest consumer game (meaning either consoles or handhelds).
  • Map design and data creation are part of the planner’s responsibilities, which consists of map creation and arranging items, monsters, events, and such across it.
  • Framing the game’s online mode is also part of the planner’s responsibilities. This is described as a mode where other players and play data are exchanged.
  • The project is “taking on a new genre.”

Right now, we’re know of four Dragon Quest consumer titles in the works: Dragon Quest HeroesTheatrhythm Dragon QuestDragon Quest XI, and a new Dragon Quest Monsters. The former two, though both new genres for the franchise, have February 26 and March 26 release dates, respectively. It’s highly unlikely Square Enix is looking for planners this close to release. As for the latter two: Dragon Quest XI is likely a traditional Dragon Quest RPG (unless it takes the Final Fantasy XV route and goes action RPG—but Square Enix are already calling Dragon Quest Heroes an action RPG, so). And we’d imagine the next Dragon Quest Monsters is being made in the same vein as previous entries.

That last point said, it’s likely this job listing is referring to something completely different. Which shouldn’t be too hard to believe, given series creator Yuji Horii teased there are “many projects in planning” as we head towards the series’ 30th anniversary. (And by extension, the much-anticipated Dragon Quest XI.)

Thanks, Dodoitsu.

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