Natsuiro High School slated for June in Japan
posted on 02.03.15 at 06:21 AM EDT by (@salromano)
A number of new characters revealed in Famitsu.

Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho

Natsuiro High School: Seishun Hakusho will launch for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan this June, the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu reveals.
A number of new characters and their voice actors are also revealed:

  • Yukari Hyoudou (voiced by Manami Shirakawa) – A school perfect rumored to be a real sadist.
  • Rumi Saionji (voiced by Akane Tomonaga) – A talented, but overly self-conscious and selfish girl with twin ponytails.
  • Aoi Shirai (voiced by Nozomi Tamaki) – The genius girl prodigy of the Science Club. It’s rumored she’s in a relationship with Moe Naegi.
  • Moe Naegi (voiced by Yuuko Hara) – From the Agriculture Club. She and Aoi Shirai have a close relationship.
  • Akari Hoshino (voiced by Mariko Yuki) – President of the Astrology Club. She loves outer space.
  • Miru Fujisawa (voiced by Makiko Miura) – Member of the event planning committee.
  • Sayuri Yoshino (voiced by Marie Miyake) – A candidate for next term’s Home Economics Club president. She also knows a thing or two about tea ceremonies and flower arrangements.
  • Shigeyuki Tsuaki (voiced by Gaku Kudou) – He’s knowledgeable about local girls in general, not just the Journalism club’s.
  • Hiromichi Moriyama (voiced by Shigeyuki Nakamura) – Committee chairman of Second Years’ Class B.
  • Taichi Masuno (voiced by Yuuma Uchida) – Agriculture Club member who has a strange obsession with plants.
  • Jin Kakei (voiced by Hidekazu Shimada) – A Chemistry Club member who’s not great with girls.
  • Housaku Buchitani (voiced by Nobuyuki Doi) – Loves 2D girls.
  • Nozomi Saotome (voiced by Takeshi Yumihara) – Home Economics Club member who goes by the names Otome-chan and Nozomi-chan.

Given we don’t have official readings for these names, they’re all subject to change.

If you missed it, catch the latest Natsuiro High School trailer here.

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