Falcom announces action RPG Tokyo Xanadu
posted on 12.17.14 at 11:21 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A completely new title based in a modern urban setting.

Tokyo Xanadu

The Legend of Heroes and Ys developer Falcom has announced Tokyo Xanadu, a brand new “urban myth action RPG” due out in Japan as the developer’s “first title of fiscal 2015.”

Tokyo Xanadu is set “Morimiya City,” which is located on the outskirts of Tokyo. It revolves around the fates of two high schoolers, Kou and Asuka, as they traverse through Xanadu, an otherworldly labyrinth, in a grand scale story.

Platforms were not announced.

It might be worth noting that Falcom released a game in 1985 called Xanadu, which was the second entry in the Dragon Slayer series. However, that game has a fantasy setting, while this one has a modern day setting.

Visit the game’s teaser website here. View the first artwork at the gallery.

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