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Tales of Zestiria reveals new Kamui Mode fusions
posted on 07.31.14 at 08:38 AM EST by (@salromano)
Plus, meet new characters Normin and Sergei.

Tales of Zestiria

Jump this week reveals new Kamui Mode fusions for Tales of Zestiria protagonist Sorey.

As previously revealed, Sorey can fuse with Lailah to become a fire-based entity wielding a large sword. Newly revealed fusions include:

  • Sorey and Mikleo – Water-based and wields an elegant bow and arrow which pierces every enemy at once.
  • Sorey and Dezel – Wind-based and equipped with wings made of swords that allow for whirlwind and tornado attacks.
  • Sorey and Edna – Earth-based and equipped with powerful fist-based attacks, as well as the ability to erect pillars of earth from the ground.

Outside of the new fusions, the magazine introduces a new character named Normin, a cute character with a special ability players will encounter along their journey, who will offer some sort of help to Sorey and friends.

There’s also a picture of another character named Sergei, a leader of the knights from the Rolance Empire and an enemy to Sorey and friends.

Thanks, @kazu4281.

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