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First look at Judas Code for PS Vita
posted on 07.16.14 at 11:39 AM EST by (@salromano)
tri-Ace's 'triple-A' free-to-play dramatic battlefield RPG.

Judas Code

Famitsu has gone up with its online preview for tri-Ace’s newly announced ‘triple-A’ free-to-play Judas Code for PS Vita.

The “dramatic battlefield RPG” is a combination gun-action and card battle game, with the former being used in single-player and the latter in multiplayer.

The game’s story is set during World War III, during which a mysterious pillar from space known as “Longinus” eroded the planet. Players begin in Tokyo and will progress by completing missions in cities throughout the world. You’ll earn rewards for clearing missions, which can be used in the gacha lottery to obtain cards for your deck and strengthen your forces.

Judas Code Judas Code

Judas Code Judas Code

Here are some gameplay systems:

  • Main Quest – This is the main mode where you clear quests to advance the story. The gun gameplay offers simple controls.
  • Class Mission – Each mission has its own task, such as “Get X number of head shots.” Clear these missions to earn a reward.
  • Card Synthesis – Using rewards earned in battle, you can strengthen your cards. Enhance your cards and use them in battle.

And now, the characters:

Hero / Heroine (Male voice: Hiroki Maeda, Female voice: Mariko Higashiuchi)

Judas Code

A mercenary without a single relative who fights in Japan’s Mercenary Corps. S/he’s involved in an accident caused by the “Calamity Branch,” and therefore becomes a “Regenerator.” S/he has a strong sense of justice, but is usually silent.

Mysterious Girl (voiced by Kana Hanazawa)

A mysterious girl who the hero encounters. She doesn’t speak many words, and has no will of her own, but with the hero’s help, she changes little by little.

Judas Code

Judas Code is due out in Japan this summer.

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