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Akiba’s Trip 2 producer: Akiba’s Trip 3 would have to ‘leapfrog’ predecessors
posted on 07.04.14 at 08:23 AM EST by (@salromano)
Junichiro Tamura also wants to create an Akiba's Trip anime.

Akiba's Trip 2

Akiba’s Trip 2 producer Junichiro Tamura wants to continue the Akiba’s Trip series, but the next game has to be more than just added content, he said.

“I want to continue the Akiba’s Trip series in the future, so I’ll do my best,” Tamura told Inside Games when asked about the possibility of an Akiba’s Trip 3 or an HD remake of the PSP original.

“This is all tentative right now, but if we were to make an Akiba’s Trip 3, I think it has to leapfrog the others in terms of progress compared to its predecessors. It can’t just be about having a greater volume of content than what came before it.

“When that time comes, I want to offer the astonishment and freshness players experienced in the first Akiba’s Trip, and have them say, ‘What a game!'”

Tamura also mentioned wanting to do an Akiba’s Trip anime to broaden the franchise’s awareness and mind share, but isn’t sure to what extent they can take the whole “undressing” thing.

Akiba’s Trip 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 in Japan and is coming to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in North America this summer.

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