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Resogun ‘Heroes’ DLC announced
posted on 06.09.14 at 10:14 AM EST by (@salromano)
Upcoming add-on includes two new game modes.

Resogun 'Heroes' DLC

Housemarque has announced Resogun: Heroes, the first downloadable add-on for its PlayStation 4-exclusive launch shooter.

‘Heroes’ adds two new game modes and and all-new patch. One of the new game modes is Survival, which tasks players with gathering the highest score possible with a single life. It plays out like Resogun at the basic level, but features new graphical updates, sound effects, item icons, music, and enemies.

In addition to only having a single life, players must complete full in-game day/night cycles to progress. The more you complete, the higher your score.

Little green humans also appear more often, and you no longer need to pick up and drop them off to earn points. More humans can be drawn out by killing certain enemies or achieving certain combos, and simply grabbing them before they escape or die will boost your score.

Details on the second new game mode remain mum. The add-on will be available in the near future for an unannounced price and include new trophies to boot.

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