Rumor: First details on Mirror’s Edge 2
posted on 03.11.14 at 11:51 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Open world reportedly a multiplayer playground.

Mirror's Edge 2

New details on Mirror’s Edge 2, announced at last year’s E3, have reportedly leaked via RocketChainsaw, the website of NeoGAF admin EvilChildren, which claims to have seen “video content of the in-development game.”

Get the information below.

  • The game is being targeted for a 2016 release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.
  • The E3 2013 teaser was “entirely real-time and generally unscripted,” including combat. The in-development build matches up graphically and mechanically.
  • The game is a total reboot of the series. The core goal is to create a “living, breathing city” in a open world for players to explore.
  • The open world environment includes a “persistent, ‘always online’ component,” where the open world is considered a “multiplayer ‘playground'” where other players can seamlessly drop-in or out and freely choose their level of interaction with other players in the game world. Journey‘s online feature was given as an example.
  • Other multiplayer components include co-op and competitive modes, such as time trials.
  • New enemies, including some AI opponents on equal footing to Faith, are being made. Additionally, there’s the standard cannon fodder Protectors, melee combat expert Sentinels, and armored gun wielding Enforcers.
  • Faith will not have a gun.
  • Feedback from the first game’s combat system has helped shaped the second’s, which has seen heavy revision. There is no more gun-play or one-button combat, but a “deeper system that emphasizes speed and fluidity.” Environment interaction is a key feature to combat, with Faith being able to push, punch, and kick enemies out of the way, and over ledges, tables, and railings.
  • These physics-driven interactions are combined with 1-2-3 punch and kick-style combos, wall running, flips, and other martial arts moves, as well as brief grapples. From time to time, a third-person take-down move will be used when an enemy is beaten, and “adaptive slow motion” is used “very sparingly” to highlight certain sequences.
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 is being considered a racing game at heart, as the team is focused on creating a game all about parkour, speed, fluidity, and mastery of the environment. The combat changes are being made to seamlessly integrate encounters and the combat system into the feeling of speed and mastering parkour.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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