First look at Edna in Tales of Zestiria
posted on 03.19.14 at 10:38 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, details on Sorey and Alisha's battle types.

Famitsu’s latest preview for Tales of Zestiria provides first direct-feed screenshots of new character Edna, as well as details on Sorey and Alisha’s fighting styles.


Voice actress: Misato Fukuen
Character designer: Minoru Iwamoto

Height: 145cm
Weapon: Umbrella

Edna is a young girl of the Family of Heaven with the ability to use earth attribute Heaven Echo Artes. Her cute outward appearance doesn’t match her image, as she takes on a more robotic and adult-like attitude, and enjoys teasing others with her sharp tongue. She has always lived alone, but perhaps she is actually longing for others? She is always composed, but when it comes to her older brother, her only family, she is beside herself and becomes emotional.

Tales of Zestiria Tales of Zestiria

Battle System

Speaking of the Tales of series’ battle system, just like a beat’ em up and through simple controls, players can perform various actions via the “Linear Motion Battle System.” Details on Zestiria‘s battle system have yet to be made public, but Namco Bandai are sharing new screenshots of Sorey and Alisha in battle.

Sorey’s Battle Style

Sorey is armed with a ceremonial sword he found in the ancient ruins, and believes in striking the enemy quickly. He will learn many artes and fast attacks to accompany his swift movements, in addition to a variety of attribute attacks, enhancing his own abilities, and making free use of special skills.

Tales of Zestiria Tales of Zestiria

Alisha’s Battle Style

Alisha is armed with a spear taller than her body, which she thrusts in swift strikes, and can effectively attack enemies in her surrounding vicinity as well as in front. Although her defenses might be open after an attack, she can keep a more advantageous stance while fighting by utilizing her skills in coordination with steps and movement. By making full use of traditional skills and dynamic movement, attacking and evading during battles are all the more possible.

Tales of Zestiria Tales of Zestiria

Tales of Zestiria is in development for PlayStation 3.

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