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Behind the scenes of Sonic Boom
posted on 02.25.14 at 05:35 PM EST by (@salromano)
Modern Sonic to move forward in parallel with Boom.

Sonic Boom

Sega has released a nine minute behind the scenes video of Sonic Boom, its new Sonic sub-brand announced earlier this month.

The first six minutes take us to Big Red Button Entertainment, developer of the Wii U version of the Sonic Boom video game, who detail its new character designs, personalities, and the importance of teamwork. The latter third discusses the TV series.

“It’s a return of Sonic to the action adventure genre, which is something he hasn’t really done in a while,” Sega producer Stephen Frost said. “So we’re taking him back there and we’re going to really focus on this living, breathing world.”

Sonic Team general manager Takashi Iizuka aded, “Different from other Sonics, players will advance through the storyline and experience the world while playing the game. Modern Sonic, as an action video game character, will continue to move forward in parallel to the Sonic Boom franchise.”

Watch the video below.

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