3rd Super Robot Wars Z Jigoku Hen’s protagonists detailed
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Upcoming sequel integrates sub-order system used in second game.

3rd Super Robot Wars Z Jigoku Hen

Famitsu this week offers first details on the protagonist and heroine of Namco Bandai’s upcoming sequel 3rd Super Robot Wars Z Jigoku Hen.

The main character is Hibiki Kamishiro (voiced by Ryuu Murakami). He is a transfer student in his second year of high school, and has long hair and angled eyes. Before changing schools, he was a beast hunter with his father. By chance, he boards an original mecha called “Gemion.” His weapon is a spear.

Our heroine is Suzune Saijou (voiced by Ryouka Yuzuki). She is a 21-year-old intern who is very popular among students. She wears glasses, and is a well educated and responsible person. Her bust is average. Suzuna also seems to board the Gemion.

Famitsu also reveals 3rd Super Robot Wars Z will integrate the sub-order system introduced in the second game, with an increase to 24 selectable pilots.

3rd Super Robot Wars Z will launch for PS3 and PS Vita on April 10 in Japan.

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