The Witness screenshot teases “last minute area”
posted on 01.31.14 at 01:00 AM EST by (@salromano)
A "new slab buildings full of puzzles in the center of the island."

The Witness

Jonathan Blow and his team at Thekla are working on a “last minute area” of their first-person puzzle game The Witness, implying the game is near completion.

“Around Christmas time, Jon surprised us with a bunch of new slab buildings full of puzzles in the center of the island,” Thekla designer Orsi Spanyol said on The Witness‘ official blog.

“Previously, there were only some empty ruins here, so the whole area was redesigned by the architects to accommodate the new puzzles. I attacked it first, about 3 weeks ago, adding a couple of puzzles myself and starting to model the three buildings on the right.

“Now, the entire art team is working on it. Luis is taking care of the entire left portion, which is still mostly low ruins, Eric is tackling the tower in the middle, and Alex is working on the building behind the tower, with the orange box sticking out of it. There is still one slab building up for grabs, but it’s coming together very quickly for such a huge area!”

The screenshot above was shared with the update.

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