Tales of Zestiria announced for PlayStation 3
posted on 12.12.13 at 05:14 AM EDT by (@salromano)
20th anniversary Tales game features dragon, zest.

Update: Tales of Zestiria confirmed for worldwide release

Namco Bandai has announced Tales of Zestiria for PlayStation 3.

The game is the 20th anniversary title in the Tales series.

The “Zest” in the title represents passion and enthusiasm, according to series producer Hideo Baba. A dragon is used in the logo as a symbol of the game’s story.

Since it’s a spoiler whether the dragon will bring destruction or become an ally, those details weren’t revealed. But it’s important enough to be in the logo.

The title features character design by Mutsumi Inomata, Kosuke Fujishima, Daigo Okumura, and Minoru Iwamoto. Animation is being handled by Ufotable.

Two characters have been revealed.

  • Sorey (voiced by Ryouhei Kimura) – A pure-hearted man who uses his mental capacity to take action in various situations. Designed by Koskuke Fujishima. Quotes: “I want to explore the ruins all throughout the world.” “Of course it’s the mural of the monk hoisting the holy sword.”
  • Alisha (voiced by Ai Kayano) – A female knight who speaks concisely. Designed by Daigo Okumura. Quotes: “I want to try, to see my home town rid of uncleanliness.” “You’re… not going to ask my name?”

The game is set in the continent of Glenwood, where two powerful nations, the Hyland Kingdom and Rolance Empire, compete for supremacy. These countries have given birth to different faiths and diverse cultures, and have achieved great advancements in civilization. However, there is a strange common factor between them. The faith in the mysterious existence known as “Seraphs” has permeated Glenwood. Seraphs are invisible and untouchable, but it’s said that they have the supernatural power to influence the world. The people respect, fear, avoid, and worship these Seraphs.

The battle system is said to be an evolution of the Linear Motion Battle system. Unfortunately, further details were not announced.

A release date was not announced. Watch the debut trailer below.

Watch the full reveal event below.

Download (268mb, zip file)

View the first two screenshots at the gallery. Visit the game’s official website here.

More details will be shared in the next issue of Weekly Famitsu. The first trailer, captured above, will be shared at Jump Festa 2014 on December 21 and 22.

(Photographs via Inside Games.)

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