Bravely Second first details, screenshots
posted on 12.08.13 at 11:52 PM EST by (@salromano)
Meet Magnolia Arch, the Devil King Buster.

Square Enix has shared first details and screenshots for Bravely Second.

The game, announced in the latest issue of Jump magazine, is coming to 3DS in Japan on a still to be announced date. Its official website is accessible here.

Find the new information below.


The story’s stage is Luxendarc. It is set in the world several years after the Warriors of Light saved it from crisis.

Magic University Town Istantarl

This university town was built in the Nadarakes continent under the proposal of the Lakrika prime minister. Scholars and students around the world gather here every day, exchanging discussions about all sorts of intellectual topics. Because it prospers particularly in the study of magic, it is known by the nickname “Magic University Town.” Thanks to the help of professors, a new structure of magic has been developed, different from the traditional method.

New Character: Devil King Buster Magnolia Arch

A mysterious woman who calls herself the “Devil Buster who came from the moon.” Her age is unknown, she appears in unexpected places at unexpected times, and she has a daredevil attitude. According to the Devil King who suddenly appeared, she is the last survivor of the moon nation.

She is a sociable eccentric. Delicate, but largehearted. Realistically, a romanticist. An elegant beauty with elusive characteristics, only one thing is certain, she has fierce fighting skills and rescued Tiz Oria.

Bravely Second will also be at Jump Festa, which runs from December 21 to 22. It won’t be playable, unfortunately, but there will be a trailer.

View the first screenshots and artwork at the gallery.

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