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Tiny Brains pushed to November 26 on PlayStation 4
posted on 11.09.13 at 09:43 AM EST by (@salromano)
Spearhead details puzzler's PlayStation 4-specific features.

Tiny Brains has been pushed from its November 15 PlayStation 4 release date to November 26, developer Spearhead Games announced.

On the PlayStation Blog, studio co-founder Malik Boukhira detailed the action puzzle game and some of its PlayStation 4-specific features.

The four-player co-op game follows four tiny, super-powered lab animals experimented on by a mad scientist, each with a unique physics-based ability.

“We made this game to truly be about co-op — unlike some co-op games where the stronger players can complete the objectives while their less-experienced friends hang back and bumble about, in Tiny Brains, all the animals’ powers must work in tandem in order to progress,” Boukhira said. “You and your fellow gamers can no longer just coexist, you must truly cooperate, and it’s easy for non-gamers to jump in and have fun.”

On PlayStation 4, the game has more physics-based objects, more destructible objects, and “more legions of evil baby chickens.” They’re also making using of the DualShock 4’s new features. The light bar, for example, represents your character. And when you use your character’s unique ability, the light bar will turn white, gradually returning to its original color as the ability is recharged.

Here’s the outline:

  • Dax, the miniature bat, is purple. His special ability is a supersonic wave that pushes objects away from him.
  • Stew, the rabbit in a green rubber suit, is green. His special ability is to telekinetically pull objects toward him.
  • Minsc, a chubby blue hamster, is blue. His special ability is to create an ice block out of thin air and blow them up with a second block, propelling objects or teammates on top of the ice into thin air.
  • Pad, the red-eyed mouse, is red. His special ability is to teleport by swapping positions between himself and an object.

You can also use the controller’s touch pad to bring up an arrow of your color into the screen and point to specific locations in a puzzle, which other players can see and chip in where you need help.

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