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Rosalina playable in Super Mario 3D World
posted on 11.13.13 at 11:58 AM EST by (@salromano)
Ten new things you can do in the upcoming Wii U game.

Super Mario Galaxy princess Rosalina will be an unlockable fifth character in Super Mario 3D World, due out on Wii U next Friday.

Nintendo released a trailer today detailing ten new things about the game. We’ve listed them below, though some might be considered a tad spoilerish.

  1. Interact with stages using the touchscreen and microphone
  2. Catch a ride on the Golden Train overflowing with coins
  3. Captain Toad levels: Collect five stars in a puzzling 3D world without jumping
  4. Speed-run to the end of levels with the clock set to 100
  5. Complete rapid-fire challenges for green stars in mystery houses
  6. Take on a giant boss as an ever-growing army of clones
  7. Cut down waves of enemies in an old-school top-down shooter stage
  8. Dash to the finish Mario Kart-style in a kart-style stage
  9. Unlock the game Luigi Bros. if you have New Super Luigi U save data
  10. Unlock the fifth character Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy and use her spin attack

Watch the new trailer below. View screenshots of Rosalina at the gallery.

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