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inFAMOUS: Second Son previewed in NYC, screenshots
posted on 11.11.13 at 06:40 PM EST by (@salromano)
Delsin's blast becomes bright light with new neon power.

PlayStation Blog has gone up with a hands-on preview and new screenshots of inFAMOUS: Second Son from today’s PlayStation 4 review event in New York City.

The game stars new hero Delsin Rowe, a super-powered Conduit with the ability to absorb the powers of others and employ them for his own use. The demo shown today features Delsin and his brother Reggie, a cop, as they attempt to pass through a Department of Unified Protection security checkpoint. But while attempting to pass, Delsin’s powers trigger an automated warning at the checkpoint, resulting in the Department’s attack against them.

From here, the game becomes playable. And there were two powers to mess around with at today’s event.

“The first power on display is smoke, which gives Delsin some great ways to move around,” said PlayStation Blog social media specialist Ryan Clements. “Our hero can burst apart into gouts of red and black, whipping right through obstacles and towards targets. All it takes is a press of the Circle button, but the momentum this move generates is exhilarating and practical, providing Delsin with much needed control of the battle space.

“Like past inFAMOUS games, Delsin can also leap up onto cars and launch off of them with more inky explosions, gaining additional height and tactical options. In fact, explosions (and, more specifically, their remnants) fuel Delsin’s smoke abilities — much like Cole’s beloved electricity. By standing near a ruined car or fire that’s belching smoke, Delsin can absorb it into himself for some extra super juice. A fine meal for any smoke-powered protagonist.”

“Delsin can move around all day, but he still has some very angry DUP soldiers to deal with. Using his chain and shots of smoke, Delsin chews through the opposition with style. Each tap of the Square button peppers targets with sizzling blasts that come in both light and heavy varieties. The heavy, ‘shotgun’ blasts are capable of tearing down guard towers, along with any unfortunate soldiers staffing them at the time of demolition.

“Delsin has a few more tricks up his sleeve, however. Our hero can drain the humming charge of neon signs and take on those powers for himself. Yes, ‘neon’ can be a power, and it’s rad from top to bottom. Delsin’s blast becomes a bright streak of light, and his new, neon dash can send him flashing up the sides of walls in a glorious display of color. Sucker Punch is tight-lipped on the other applications this power will provide, but the mind races at the possibilities.”

The demo closes as Delsin comes fae-to-face with a “hulking soldier” and his chain gun-wielding ally. But Delsin takes them out with his tentatively named Karma Bomb, in which he shoots up into the air and fires his way back down in a “screen-wide” attack.

View today’s new screenshots at the gallery.

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