New Gravity Rush direct-feed teaser trailer
posted on 09.19.13 at 09:40 AM EST by (@salromano)
And a message from director Keiichiro Toyama.

Sony has released a direct-feed version of the new Gravity Rush game teaser trailer it first showed at its Tokyo Game Show booth earlier today.

On PlayStation Japan’s Play Community website, Gravity Rush director Keiichiro Toyama confirmed a new project in development at Team Gravity, but didn’t specifically label it Gravity Rush 2. A page for the game was also opened on the official Japanese PlayStation website.

Toyama’s message is as follows:

Since the release of Gravity Rush, we’ve been waiting for news regarding the team’s activities until now.

Up until now, the groundwork for our next title was occurring discreetly, but since we’ve finally been able to move into the next stage, we’re reporting just in time for Tokyo Game Show 2013 that they are currently working diligently!

There is still some ways to go before we can say anything concrete about its contents, but the basis of our objective is something that reacts right in front of the things that the players are expecting. The team is working as one to make that happen in this title.

Since we’ve heard your overwhelming support, we would be happy if you would keep a discerning eye out on what we do from here on out. We haven’t had to deal with such strong enthusiasm among our team until now, so please expect more!

Watch the trailer below. View two artworks at the gallery.

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